Our deep, client-side perspective gives us an empathetic understanding of you, the modern corporate researcher.

We’ve developed special services and offerings for client-side research teams.

Our goal: to make your team even more effective, and your company more successful.


Imagine If Inspiration

Imagine If: Inspiration ©

Special training modules on a variety of topics, including research techniques, story building, storytelling, insight-based influencing, and more, especially geared towards the idiosyncratic needs of corporate insights teams.

Imagine If ReImagine Yourself

Re-Imagine Yourself ©

Thinking about re-inventing your department? With this service, we build a repositioning or turnaround strategy — to reinvent your team as a world-class insights center — and develop a distinct brand and voice for your team.

Imagine If Humanistic Workshops

Imagine If: Humanistic Workshops ©

Bringing different teams around the consumer is paramount for your team’s success. With our experience-derived “how to” workshops, we train your research team in the intangible skills necessary for the research partner role, such as active listening, humanistic influencing, and effective negotiating.

Imagine If Innovation

Imagine If: Passport 2 Innovation ©

Everyone talks about innovation, but we’ll actually deliver, helping you create an actionable roadmap to bring more innovation into your research, your team, and your company. This includes ways to foster an innovative culture, and processes to integrate research-inspired innovation into your organization.

Imagine If ROI

Imagine ROI ©

A powerful advisory and strategic planning service to help you create a framework for research actionability and ROI — customized to your organization’s exact structure, culture, and needs.

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