We Are...

What's Different About Imagine If?

We’re different because…

  • We make business actionability a critical prerequisite for research design.

  • We love creating lasting internal inspiration for every client with every project.

  • We embrace innovative but purposeful use of new tech, methods, and social analytics.

  • We base our client relationships on our key values: empathy, authenticity, and respect for the human being.

What Can We Do For You?

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter research. Which is why Imagine If delivers smart, strategic, custom solutions based on decades of experience, and hands-on use of all methodologies qualitative, quantitative, and social; conventional and non-traditional.

Our services extend beyond research. We’ll make your life easier with unique services specifically created for you, the corporate researcher.


Come closer to your consumers than ever before. Our imaginative qualitative solutions leverage modern technology and the consumer journey to unearth fresh insights that completely change how you think about your consumers.


Turbocharge your consumer intelligence with our robust and strategic research designs, advanced analytics, modeling, and modern research technology.


Unleash the real potential of social data with our agile and intriguing application of social analytics combined with our storytelling expertise.


Prosper as a client-side researcher. Each of our one-of-a-kind services — created with empathy and client-side know-how — are designed to maximize your resources, brand, and organizational impact.

Our Promise To You

You face many challenges beyond shrinking budgets and difficult work:staff ratios. You’re now a full-fledged marketer — not just a researcher — expected to demonstrate real value.

We understand. Our deep empathy comes from years on the inside. With our client-side wisdom and agency-side strategic research expertise, we promise to…

  • Help you bring the voice of your consumer to the boardroom table — early and actionably.

  • Deliver strategic insights that address your needs, both today and tomorrow.

  • Inspire you and your stakeholders at every level.

  • Create value and impact you can stand behind, with confidence.

But really, it boils down to this...

We promise to make your life easier.

How can we help you? Contact Us today.

Imagined in Los Angeles.